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Tax Invoice

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cupom-amigoAssociação Prato Cheio now receives credits from Tax Invoice.
Consumers may donate their credits by choosing what percentage of the ICMS (Brazilian state excise tax) that’s effectively collected by the establishment, and transferring it to the organization.

Ways Individual Persons May Donate

Send *receipts to:
ASSOCIAÇÃO PRATO CHEIO – A/C: Mobilização de Recursos
Rua Luis Coelho, 308 – conj. 25 – Consolação
São Paulo – SP

At Associação Prato Cheio’s website in partnership with Clube do Cupom Amigo (Coupon Friend Club) you may donate your tax invoice coupon from all your purchases. By means of a simple system and without leaving your house you are able to donate your invoices quickly and safely. Click on the link below and donate!

Important: there is a deadline for the banknotes to be registered – from the current month until day 20 of the following month. Example: if your tax invoice was issued on 08/10/2015, it could be donated at the latest on 09/20/2015.
Stay tuned so you don’t miss the deadline!

Ways Legal Persons may donate

In order to participate in this campaign, you need to request am urn by contacting (011) 3255-3559 or by emailing mobilizacao@pratocheio.org.br. You will receive information on how to join the campaign.

Participating in this movement means to transform a simple commercial operation in an opportunity to make someone happier. Join us! We count on you.