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A volunteers ´job is what the person offers society as a contribution to build a better world. It´s based on having a strong relation to personal commitment, dedication and responsibility. It´s an opportunity to make friends, live new experiences and learn about other realities, develop talents and skills, show solidarity and be a citizen.

You may contribute with activities at Associação Prato Cheio in the following areas:

NUTRITION:. Carry out visits to our partners´ institutions in order to develop projects in the following areas:

  • Nutritional education and full use of the food
  • Hygiene and personal behavior

OPERATIONS: Assist and participate in collecting donations at our partners´ establishments, such as CEAGESP, Mercado Municipal and retail outlets. Also the volunteer may offer improvements to enhance such processes.

MANAGEMENT:. Contribute with tasks from the administrative sector (at your house or Associação Prato Cheio´s office):

  • Fundraising: prospect companies and other organs for partnerships, participation on elaborating projects, issues, social competitions, and setting up different approaches for fundraising.
  • Organizing events: suggest ideas for events, campaigns, organize the logistics and pick up partners.
  • Communication: contribution in developing advertising pieces, institutional materials, setting up different approaches and communication campaigns, empowering the brand, establishing agendas to share information on social medias/ third sector network.
  • Assessment: contribution in implementing the evaluation system of the organization in the processes, impact and results of the developed projects.

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