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Ações e Campanhas

Próximo Evento

Throughout the year we promote actions to encourage food donations and financial funds.In addition to reinforcing our partner’s and supporter’s brand, these actions raise public awareness about sustainable socio-environment and food safety issues.

Arrecadação de Alimentos em Empresas e Universidades
Entrega voluntária de alimentos por período pré-determinado

Aniversário Solidário
Convidados do aniversário fazem a doação em nome do aniversariante


Solidary Ticket
Movie Theatres, Plays, Seminars, Events, etc. with tickets/donations exchanged (partially or fully to Associação
Prato Cheio).

Seminars sponsored and held in companies, schools, non governmental organizations, etc. in order to promote volunteerism, food safety, nutrition and reduction of food waste.



Prato Cheio’s Products
Items of interest which are donated by partners or made for special dates (books, gifts, utensils, cards, etc.), with Prato Cheio and their partner’s brand.

Crowdfunding Campaign
Prato Cheio participates in collaborative financing platforms that are relevant for Third Sector and are fundamental in the
Current technological scenario, know as crowdfunding.

They are sites that announces the organizations’ work and create channels to collect donations with pre determined goals.
In case the goal is not reached, the donations are returned to the donors.

In two editions that the organization participated (2012 and 2013) the goal was exceeded by more than 23%
using the Juntos.com.vc platform.

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