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The projects at Associação Prato Cheio are aligned with the Millennium Development Goals. They directly contribute with:

  • Hunger combat;
  • Nutritional value added to meals;
  • Reduction of food waste;
  • Reduction of organic residues inappropriately disposed;
  • Development of partnerships for a sustainable socio-environment.


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Our work consists in:

  • Identifying places where food is wasted.
  • Promoting sensibility about waste.
  • Coordinating collected products/ Distributing food for charitable entities.
  • Offering workshops focused on healthy feeding and full use of the food.
  • Evaluating the beneficiaries to define a nutritional profile and educating for conscious consumption.
  • Multiplying the Colheita Urbana model for the self sustainable entities that are served.

Solidary Route

Collecting and distributing food in the macro-regions of Sao Paulo


  • Identify places where food is wasted with partners from all of the food cycle (farmers, industries, carriers, traders);
  • Promote the sensibility to waste;
  • Coordinate the food collection and redistribution system for the charitable entities registered.


Through individual and company sponsorships, we are able to transport selected food by a team of drivers and trained helpers to 52 charitable institutions in Sao Paulo and complement it with 3 daily meals for 8500 people which is delivered weekly.


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Nourishing with Health

Nutritional Education is made up by three actions: Nutritional Evaluation, Culinary Workshops and the Casca ao Talo Workshop.

Nutritional Evaluation:

Definition of the nutritional profile and implementation of tools to promote better food habits for the population that are assisted by the benefited entities from the Solidary Route.

The evaluation is done once a year on each individual and information about their weight and height are collected. After the evaluation, nutritionists give educational seminars for the individuals and their families in order to understand the importance of eating healthy.

Culinary Workshops:

Each month Associação Prato Cheio offers Culinary Workshops for cooks that are part of the entities and for third parties who are interested in learning culinary techniques in order to promote healthy habits and better nutritional quality for the population.

Intermediating with the above information, specific workshops are also offered, known as “Casca ao Talo”. Which is an educational activitythat emphasizes the better use of non conventional parts of certain food (seeds, herbage, leaves, peels) to guarantee combating waste and enrich the benefaction offered by vitamins, minerals and fibers.


The workshops are held in experimental kitchens at Universidade Sao Camilo and Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), by nutritionists from Associação Prato Cheio and occasionally by renowned Chefs and Gastronomes.

Classes are made up of 50 students (maximum capacity of space currently used) and has a duration of 2 hours.