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Próximo Evento

Associação Prato Cheio establishes partnerships with enterprises in order to achieve:

  • Projects;
  • Events;
  • Services (awareness for volunteering issues, culinary workshops, seminars and workshops about food safety etc.);
  • Promotional products.

Counterparts for your Company:

  • Company’s logo exposed at Prato Cheio’s website and other social medias;
  • Implementing the company’s brand with Prato Cheio’s projects and reports;
  • Holding Culinary Workshops for the company’s collaborators;
  • Citation of names and actions made by the company for press releases;
  • The right to use Prato Cheio’s seal on institutional materials;
  • Biannual report on Prato Cheio’s activities;
  • Receipt from donations for reduction of up to 2% of income tax for companies with actual profit (Lei n 9.790/99)